Join The Hundreds of People Who Are Making A Difference in Lapeer County by Helping Our Community Lose 10,000 Pounds of Fat by 2018

No Need For Fancy Gym Memberships or Tons of Equipment to Participate. Simply Watch the Video Below and Follow the Steps Listed on This Page to Join The Movement From The Comfort of Your Own Home


Hey there! So glad you decided to come on board with our 10,000 lb. mission  Together we will help Lapeer County lose 10,000 pounds by the year 2018. Here is how this works:

1. Order your copy of the FREE 10,000 Pound Mission DVD. All you have to do is click on the paypal button below this step and it will take you to the order page. All you have to pay for is the shipping of the DVD and it will be delivered right to your house.

DVD's Available Soon!

2. Once you have your DVD, visit this page again and CLICK HERE. It will take you to a special members only page of our website that will have all of the printable extras from the DVD such as:

  • Tracking Journals
  • Meal Plans
  • Printable Workout Sheets

3. Every pound you lose, track in your Success Tracker Journal. When you have lost a good amount of weight, there are two options:

A.) You can email me at I will add your name to the board of people that contributed to this mission and your weight loss will be logged on our HUGE thermometer tracking board.


B.) You can come into our gym and show us your Success Tracker Journal. We love this method because we get to hear your story and you personally get to write your name on the board and the weight you have lost. We make it a big deal…

**To see how close to the 10,000 pounds we are getting, check out our Facebook page: or just swing by the homepage of this website and scroll down to see the 10,000 pound mission progress bar.

4. Start Eating better and Exercising Daily (3-5 times per week). This will help your results  Make sure to grab your FREE copy of the ebook below to help you exercise after the DVD workouts are over. NOTE: Make sure to “right click” the image below and “save as” to your desktop or device. This way you have your own copy of the e-book below 🙂

Lapeer Gym Workout Manual_1

5. Join our Public Facebook Group. This group will be open discussion if you have any questions or are looking for any information. Plus there is a lot of support and motivation found here. Here is the link: CLICK HERE

6. Subscribe to this YouTube Channel to get weekly FREE workout videos that you can do at home: CLICK HERE

7. Check out the FREE Fitness and Health Magazine we offer on the top of this website. All you have to do is click the “Magazine” tab and you will have access to TONS of recipes, workouts, videos, articles, advice and MORE. The magazine is updated monthly so check back often!

8. Opt in below to receive a FREE monthly Fitness Newsletter. It is filled with lifestyle tips, food recipes, tips and tricks for weight loss and MORE. Don’t worry, we will not give your information away or “spam” you. I hate that kind of stuff just like you do…

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9. Use this page as a resource and share the information on it with your friends and family. This page is a FREE/Hassle Free service that is being provided to everyone to help Lapeer County Lose 10,000 pounds by the year 2016. This page is not a fancy business gimmick. At no point will I ever swindle you into buying something from me or my facility. This is our way of giving back to a community that needs our help. Please Help us by spreading the word and getting everyone you know to start making healthier decisions.

Finally as always, don’t hesitate to reach out to me if you have any questions. You can “CONTACT US” or give us a call at 810-660-8344.

Keep Rocking It!!!

Brian Kalakay, MCTT
Owner Xtreme Results Gym

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