Discover Lapeer’s #1 Secret Gym That Will Help You Burn Fat And Build Muscle In A Supportive And Motivating Atmosphere

Are You Tired Of:

  • Being Crammed Elbow to Elbow With Other People Trying to Lift Weights
  • Useless Gym Machines That Sit Around And Take Up Precious Workout Space
  • Trying To Find Knowledgable Staff Members That Can Answer Your Questions
  • Treadmills That Hurt Your Knees When You Run On Them And Don’t Get You Results
  • Outdated Equipment That Is Always Broken And Never Gets Fixed

Brian TT Pic_1Hi 🙂 My name is Brian Kalakay and I am a Certified Fitness Trainer (CFT) as well as Michigan’s ONLY Master Certified Turbulence Trainer (MCTT). Believe me when I say this, that I have worked and trained at a large number of local big box Lapeer gyms and nothing compares to what we have here at Xtreme Results.

Like you, I enjoy being able to get my work out on in a friendly and energy filled environment that motivates me to push a little harder to get better results.

One of the worst feelings is walking into a boring gym where no one knows your name, you feel like a number and if you need help there is no one qualified to help you…

Happen to you before?

You are not alone trust me. While most “big box” Lapeer gyms focus on the number of their memberships, we focus on the individual behind the gym membership. You will always be greeted by our helpful front desk assistants the second you walk through our doors.

We want you to feel like you belong to something special, like you are a part of a family. When you become part of the family you will notice that we do our best to roll out the red carpet treatment and make you feel like a rock star even if you are just showing up for a quick 20 minute workout.

Why do we do this?

Because we care about your success! A gym shouldn’t be somewhere you go when you feel out of shape. A gym should be a supportive community of positive people working toward achieving their goals.

We know it’s hard to do on your own and that is why we are here…


Lapeer Gym Special Offer_1

The XR Difference

Lapeer Gym Personal TrainerThe ONLY Lapeer Gym owned and Operated by a certified personal trainer. This means we have chosen the equipment best suited for fat loss and muscle development. With a large variety of equipment available it can be confusing on what to use and what not to use. Never to fear! We have personally chosen the equipment that is proven to work the fastest at getting you results. There is no filler equipment in this Lapeer Gym!




Lapeer Gym USA EquipmentAll of our Orange Equipment is “Made in USA” which means higher quality equipment. This means you won’t have to worry about using broken or old equipment that may actually do more harm than help.




Lapeer Gym Treadmills_1Our Treadmills are ergonomically designed to reduce impact on your joints. They also incline and decline.  This means less hurting after running and faster fat loss results. These treadmills have been tested by some of the top runners in the state and have had them raving!




Lapeer Gym Functional EquipmentA Large Collage of Functional Training Equipment. What this means for you is more variety in your workouts, which means less chance of you getting “Bored or Burned Out”. Kiss those dreaded plateaus good bye in this Lapeer gym!




Lapeer Gym Staff_1Knowledgeable Staff.  You will always find a smiling face behind the front desk that will greet you when you walk in and answer any questions you may have about the gym. See Schedule for staffed hours.




Lapeer Gym VertimaxWe are the ONLY Gym in Lapeer County to have access to a Vertimax Training System. This is the same system used by the NFL and other Division 1 colleges to accelerate explosive strength and mix up cardio conditioning. This works wonders on our personal training clients in terms of accelerating fat loss results and building strength.




Lapeer 24 Hour Gym Icon24 Hour Access to our entire XR Facility. That’s right. Xtreme Results is now a full-scale 24 hour access facility. This means even if you love working out at the weirdest times of the day or night you can get full access to the facility with just a simple swipe of a key fab. We also have emergency and panic buttons installed in the gym so if there is an issue the emergency response team will be signaled with the push of a button. Your safety is #1.If you are someone who is always busy and are looking for a facility to call home to your crazy workout schedule, we have you covered.

Lapeer Gym Special Offer_1

That’s right. For only 17 bucks you can have the chance to come in and see if our gym is the right choice for your fitness needs.

NO Gimmicks

NO Pressure to Sign Up After

NO Hidden Fees Like other Gyms in Lapeer

If you don’t like our gym after one week, we part ways with no hassles and no hard feelings…SERIOUSLY.

Lapeer Gym Special Offer_1


  • By Lacey Ross - on Reply

    hey was just checking out some gym’s in lapeer came across this one just was wondering how much a membership cost and is it monthly or yearly ?

    • By admin - on Reply

      Your best bet is to swing by the gym and talk to us. We usually don’t put prices on the website, because depending on specials and other promos we are running the price may change. We don’t like confusing people who visit the site and see a comment, then get upset when the price has changed after they walk in. Im sure you understand…I can assure you we are the most bang for your buck in Lapeer for a 24 hour gym 😉

    • By admin - on Reply

      We can absolutely help you out Cassi. Just let us know when you would like to come in and we can get you started with something that will fit your needs and help you achieve your goals.

  • By Thomas White - on Reply

    how do u get membership if you are working during staffed hours. I would love to get a membership so I can inprove my health when I have time to due so..sincerely truck driver

  • By Dana - on Reply

    I am a mom of two and im trying to get my body back or at lest feel better about it how can this gym differ from others?

    • By Molly N - on Reply

      We would love for you to give us a call or stop in for a tour of our gym. Along with our equipment, we also provide our clients with workout manuals, videos, and support. We make it a priority to help our clients achieve their goals. We will surely find something that fits your needs. Our number is 810-660-8344 if you would like to give us a call.

    • By Molly N - on Reply

      Hello Ken,
      We have a couple different costs when it comes to membership options. We do have a 12 month contract. If you do not want to commit to a 12 month contract, we also have a month to month option available that you may cancel at any time with no penalty fee. If you have any other questions please feel free to come in and we will take care of you! You can also call us at 810-660-8344.

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